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On the Mohs Hardness Scale, We're about a LEVEL 10!


About Us

A New Jersey based crystal importer changing the lives of others one transaction at a time. 

Your Crystal Dealer was founded by Sylvia Rosario in 2021 with the hopes of providing impoverished craftsmen in developing nations, an opportunity to earn sustainable incomes for themselves and their families. As a rule, we work with artisans primarily from Indonesia and are expanding to India and Africa as we continue to grow this initiative.

These countries are home to some of the most beautiful crystal specimens; many of which are unique, and can therefore only be sourced in those respective localities. 

Every order placed at YourCrystalDealer.net helps these artisans directly. Orders contribute in one of two ways. 1. Revenue share per crystal sold or 2. Bulk restock upon inventory depletion. Our profit-margins are slim as we strive to give back as much as we can; by offering top dollar for these rare, and unique specimens that we've quickly earned the reputation of offering.

With a keen attention to detail, all crystals are hand-selected by Sylvia for their aesthetic beauty and rarity.

YourCrystalDealer.net endeavors to create a new "business ecosystem" - where we prioritize humanity over capitalism.