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On the Mohs Hardness Scale, We're about a LEVEL 10!


Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people across the world create sustainable and livable wages for themselves when their opportunities are limited by poverty and the limiting structures that exist within their own government.

Crystals are found worldwide; particularly in regions with Volcanoes. This allows us the opportunity to expand our reach to many developing nations.  Currently, we are working with craftsmen/artisans in Indonesia, India, and Africa to source and create the beautiful crystals provided on our website. We advocate sustainable and ethical mining practices and are working with the local mines to further promote this initiative.  In Congo, Africa as an example; they continually struggle with bad mining practices that result in high volumes of broken material that are then discarded and wasted. By offering a higher dollar value for more intact and mindfully sourced materials, we incentivize better mining practices in these impoverished regions that are highly susceptible to under-bidding and bartering. 

We've established two revenue models for our craftsmen. The first is a revenue-share model where we absorb all of the shipping and importation costs, and they earn revenue as each item is sold.  If the item is not sold within 30 days, we pay the artisan for the item and keep in inventory. The second model is where we buy finished crystals in bulk and then restock upon depletion of inventory. The artisan covers the shipping/exportation fees for each bulk order. 

Every crystal that we sell is individually, carefully, and selectively chosen based on their rarity, unique qualities, and overall aesthetic beauty. We do not buy our crystals blindly - as they are all hand-selected by Sylvia.

We are currently working with five craftsmen and are hoping to expand to fifty in 2022. Small but mighty, we are aiming to create a ripple effect that makes a larger impact in this world.