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On the Mohs Hardness Scale, We're about a LEVEL 10!


Apophyllite on Black Chalcedony Cluster


Apophyllite on Black Chalcedony with Stilbite Inclusions Cluster Specimen

5.8 oz

3 inches in length


Metaphysical Properties: The frequency of black Chalcedony connects to the base chakra. It has a stabilizing energy that helps to ground one both mentally and emotionally, so that one may go within to gain insight into negative emotions of fear that are holding one back. This black type of Chalcedony helps one’s consciousness to open to one’s inner thoughts and feelings so that one is able to acknowledge and release any negative patterns that are not serving one.

The energy of this black coloured Chalcedony helps to stabilize and balance one’s energy fields, so that one feels supported and secure in the actions one takes to life’s experiences.

Apophyllite is here to connect you with your higher purpose and help you to travel further than you ever thought possible. It’s a stone that is linked to astral travel, connecting with angels, clairvoyance, physic visions, cosmic quests, and expanding your consciousness as far as it will go.