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On the Mohs Hardness Scale, We're about a LEVEL 10!


Black Flower Agate Large Towers


 Black Flower Agate Towers are now available for purchase. These are chunky towers! 

A) 5 3/8" inches in Height, 2" inches Width, 2" inches Depth

B) 5 1/2" inches in Height,  1 3/4" inches in Width, 1 3/4" Depth

Metaphysical Properties: The benefits of Flower Agate can manifest themselves in a number of ways, and may take you to a new spiritual plane while connecting you to the joy of living.

Many healers recommend Flower Agate to those who have experienced significant traumas in their life. Those that go through undue hardships often feel jaded, guarded, and devoid of joy. This is not just an emotional state. The spirit is burdened with the surrounding darkness.

The journey that Flower Agate puts you on can reignite your passion for living. It helps you learn from the past, discover and respect the present, and give you some newfound purpose for the future.