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On the Mohs Hardness Scale, We're about a LEVEL 10!


Dali Jasper Towers


Large Dali Jasper Towers are available for purchase!


A - 6 1/4 Inches in height, 8.3 oz in weight

B - 5 7/8 Inches in height, 5.0 oz in weight

C - 5 3/8 Inches in height, 4.0 oz in weight

D - 5 1/4 Inches in height, 6.7 oz in weight

E - 4 7/8 Inches in height, 4.9 oz in weight

Metaphysical Properties: It has been said for hundreds of years that Dali Jasper is one of the most powerful crystals for unblocking your body and unlocking the right kind of energy. From stimulating mental energy to creating space for your vibrations to flow, Dali Jasper is the crystal you need to free your body to the earth around you. 

In unblocking your passages, this stone dispels your negative energy, ensuring that you’re receptive to the best of what the universe has to offer. Dali Jasper’s properties are inherently cleansing, allowing your mind to bring in more of what matters. There will be more space to amplify your positive vibrations, allowing you to grow in a nurturing mental and spiritual space.