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Extremely RARE Spirit Amethyst Quartz Crystal Cluster Specimen from South Africa - Cactus Quartz


Extremely RARE Natural Spirit Amethyst Quartz Crystal Cluster Specimens from South Africa are available for purchase! You'll receive the exact item pictured. These are very hard to find in this size and quality! Get yours today! Item is natural. Never dyed or altered. Weight 6.7 oz METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Amethyst spirit quartz was discovered in the Magaliesberg Mountain, South Africa in the early 2000s. It is one of the distinct members of the quartz family. When it comes to the color, it ranges from white, lilac-blue, yellowish-brown to grey-brown. Due to its ferrous iron impurities, amethyst spirit quartz possesses an unusual shade of purple. On the other hand, usually, its appearance contains one crystal that has a faceted point and is surrounded by small yet equally shaped crystals. The common meaning attributed to this stone is that of pleasant spiritual alignment. Also, its resonance will encourage you to look for the spiritual center. This stone carries energies of balance and harmony. That said, every time you feel unhinged or stress, the stone may help you in restoring the balance and harmony back in your life. Take note, this is one of the most significant facts about spirit quartz that you need to discover. Further, it tends to offer a yawning state of clarity and awareness. It will discharge you from fearful and negative thoughts and change it with the feelings for harmony, peace, and freedom.