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On the Mohs Hardness Scale, We're about a LEVEL 10!


Indonesian Amber Towers


Rare Indonesian Amber Towers are now available for purchase! Amber comes in varying shades of light to dark.  The lighter shade is more translucent in daylight whereas the darker shade is more rich and partially opaque. 

Even though it is considered to be a gemstone, the origin of Amber is fossilized tree resin. It’s an organic substance that is often used to make jewelry and decorative items. The color of Amber is often orange or brown and it has a range of transparencies. It comes in at 1-3 on the Mohs hardness scale. The meaning of Amber is cleansing and renewing. 

A - 4 3/4 inches height
B - 4 5/8 inches in height
C - 4 1/2 inches in height
D - 3 7/8 inches in height
E - 3 3/4 inches in height
F - 3 5/8 inches in height
G - 3 1/8 inches in height

Metaphysical Properties: Glowing with a golden quality, Amber is great at helping cleanse and clear the sacral chakra. This delightful gem is all about balance and stability and building the wisdom within your spiritual house. Amber encourages creative self-expression and the purification of one’s own thoughts.