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On the Mohs Hardness Scale, We're about a LEVEL 10!


Jumbo Pink Mangano Calcite Apple Crystal


Jumbo Pink Mangano Calcite Apple available for purchase! This gorgeous apple is very large, and heavy as well! Mangano calcite has natural shades of pink, white, and sometimes yellow or black inclusions. METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Pink Mangano Calcite is a deeply nurturing and loving stone that will help you be gentle to yourself. It will encourage you to accept love and to love yourself. Only then can you be loving towards others. This stone is an excellent stress reliever that will get rid of you tension and anxieties. This special calcite variety promotes inner peace, compassion, pure love, joy, and self-healing vibrations. This is a true healer of the heart, one is able to push forward through any lingering trauma or pain that may have gone unresolved.