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On the Mohs Hardness Scale, We're about a LEVEL 10!


Pink Amethyst Druzy Free Form


Pink Amethyst Druzy Free Form is now available for purchase.

This gorgeous free form is loaded with high quality crystal druzy

1lb 5.8 oz

4 1/2" Inches in Height, 3" Width  

Metaphysical Properties:  

  • A cleansing of energy in a particular space or a person. Amethysts are a form of quartz, and as such, possess similar cleansing characteristics. These stones are known for their abilities to absorb questionable, neutral, and bad energies, cleanse and release them back out into the surrounding space.
  • A movement toward emotional balance and overall peace. This stone is known to instill feelings of understanding, calmness, trust, and grace.  
  • Increased intuition and clarity. Whether wearing your pink amethyst or keeping it nearby throughout the day, don’t be surprised if a deep sense of “knowing” washes over you.
  • An opening of the heart chakra (the 4th energy center in the body) thereby allowing a person to more readily offer and accept love, tolerance, and loving thoughts into their experience. It may be especially effective for anyone enduring feelings of stress, sadness or grief.
  • Lucid dreaming! You might notice that after an evening of wearing your pink amethyst to bed or placing it beneath your pillow, you will awaken with a clearer memory of what you dreamt about.
  • Feelings of security and protection from injury or harm - at times physical but more often emotional turmoil that may stem from a relationship where loss or betrayal was a predominant factor.