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On the Mohs Hardness Scale, We're about a LEVEL 10!


Rare Large Apophyllite Tower Specimens


Rare Apophyllite Tower Specimens are now available for purchase!

A - 6 3/4 inches in height, 2 1/8 inches in width, 1 lb 5.6 oz in weight

B - 5 7/8 inches in height, 2 3/8 inches in width, 1 lb 4.3 oz in weight
This tower has stilbite inclusions

C - 5 inches in height, 2 1/2 inches in width, 1 lb 6.3 oz in weight
This tower is Apophyllite on Blue Chalcedony

Metaphysical Properties: It is said to be a crystal that raises your vibration and assists your masculine and feminine energies in finding balance and harmony with each other. Apophyllite is a highly intuitive stone and is often used to increase awareness and ignite your intuition.