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On the Mohs Hardness Scale, We're about a LEVEL 10!


RARE Red Hematoid Quartz Cluster Flat Slab


Red Hematoid Quartz Cluster Flat Slab Specimen. You’ll receive the exact item pictured above. Hematoid Quartz is a quartz crystal that contains Hematite inclusions. Its inclusions exhibit small black or red-brown ‘stars’ or clouds within the Quartz point’s termination ends. METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Red Hematoid Quartz combines the high amplifying energy of Quartz with the balancing & stabilizing vibration of Hematite to create its own unique synergy that balances your body, mind & spirit. A highly energetic crystal, Red Quartz not only removes negativity but also transforms & transmutes it into a positive, pure Universal light of love & tranquility. As a powerful grounding crystal, it can also be used to manifest your dreams into physical reality. Additional healing meanings of Red Quartz include: - calms anxieties & panic - helps you to maintain emotional balance during times of stress - grounding & balancing, especially if you’re feeling scattered - enhances focus & concentration - especially helpful for those with ADD & ADHD - helpful if you have a short attention span or have trouble completing projects - brings a unique clarity & understanding to your emotions - balances emotions & thinking - helps boost your self-esteem & self-worth, especially when they are lacking - balances all of your Chakras - closes the energetic loop between your Root & Crown Chakras within your aura stimulates & accelerates healing of any disease - relieves pain - can be used in the treatment of blood disorders - boosts immune system - strengthens liver & kidney function