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On the Mohs Hardness Scale, We're about a LEVEL 10!


White Plume Agate Druzy Heart

$7500 $10000

Gorgeous White Plume Agate Druzy Heart with Quartz Druzy from Indonesia!   


METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: It is credited with harmonizing an individual's feminine and masculine sides, helping the body release toxins and building the immune system. It is also believed to improve concentration and analytical frames of mind, as well as releasing traumas and providing the courage to trust.

Agate is known to help stabilize the inner self. It also composes a person and brings maturity. In ancient times it was believed that Agate helps mothers cope with pregnancy. They believed that the stone not only helped mothers go through the pain of pregnancy easily but also helped the unborn baby inside the mother’s womb. In ancient times women were also encouraged to wear an Agate amulet around their neck touching their breasts in order to improve lactation.
Physical Healing – Plume Agate is believed to help improve vision. If you do not have good eyesight then wearing Plume Agate may help your condition. Additionally, the qualities of Agate that are widely known can also be found in Plume Agate. Agate helps to improve concentration and the analytical abilities of a person. The stone is considered an elixir for the body, one which improves the general condition of the digestive system. It also works wonderfully in treating skin disorders.
Emotional Healing – If you want to become a pragmatic thinker, wearing an Agate should help. As a healing stone, it is believed that Agate helps the wearer understand reality. You will also value peace and harmony more dearly thanks to the stone. Plume Agate is specifically known to help in making important decisions in life. As a powerful stone Agate is also known to help accept one’s own truth and build self-confidence. It also encourages a wearer to speak the truth. The stone helps one steer away from negativity and ill-will. It fosters positivity, love, and courage. 

Spiritual Healing – PlumeAgate is believed to be linked to the collective consciousness of the higher authority of divinity. This particular variety of Agate helps the wearer understand his life’s experiences and links it to his personal spiritual growth and stability. Plume Agate also facilitates psychic visions helping one understand everything about the origin of the world. 

Chakra Healing – Agate as a stone is known to wash off negative energies from the body thus cleansing it. In the process, the chakras are balanced and re-aligned.